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Biomedical & Medical Device Packaging

Packaging needs for biomedical, medical devices, testing & diagnostics

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Whether you are looking to package a skin graft or nerve, we can help you with the packaging design and production for initial market entry. Our in-house technical team understands the specific challenges you face and can make the process seamless.

Medical Device

With a deep expertise in medical device packaging design and the backing of Oliver Healthcare Packaging, we have the unique ability to help you meet the regulatory, time and cost-related hurdles you face when it comes to your packaging needs.

Wearable Medical Devices

The biggest challenge for a wearable device is communicating to the patient how to properly use it. With this in mind, we believe packaging becomes as much a part of the process as the device itself. Our team of packaging experts will work with you to determine the best approach to packaging to aid the patient, giving them the confidence and comfort level they deserve.

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